Andy - Paranormal Investigator & co founder

Andy is one of the original members of the Essex Ghost Hunting Team. He has been able to see and hear spirits since he was a child when a scarey character called Fred used to dwell in his home. Andy doesn't class himself as a medium but as a paranormal investigator who can communicate with spirits if they wish to talk to him.

Alan - Paranormal Investigator & co founder

Alan is also one of the original members of the Essex Ghost Hunting Team. He does not always see spirits, but is quite sensitive and interested in seeking out the truth. Alan takes great photo's of orbs and likes to look at the logical side of things before accepting that they are paranormal. Alan is also a Reiki Master level 3

Wendy  - Paranormal Investigator & Researcher

Wendy is the partner of Andy has been interested in the paranormal since seeing the spirit of her great nan when she was a child.  Wendy doesn't usually see spirits but is quite sensitive and loves nothing more than getting stuck into some research after an investigation and writing up the reports.

Julie - Psychic Investigator

Julie senses spirits and gets feelings about places. She is also a holistic healer and an avid campaigner for human and animal rights. Given half a chance she would do ghost hunting 24/7.


Andy - Paranormal Investigator

Andy joined us on an investigation at Mistley and Manningtree. He has since become an invaluable member of the team with a vast knowledge of adapting  equipment and setting up the cameras and camcorders for investigations.       

Chris - Paranormal Investigator

Chris joined us mid 2012 after being a guest at the Harwich Redoubt investigation. He is extremely keen, very excitable and loves a good investigation.



Laura - Paranormal Investigator

We met Laura when she and her friend Emma joined us on a investigation at Harwich.  We found them both easy to get on with and very keen and enthusiastic.

Michael Land - Historian and Sceptic

We first met Michael when he messaged us inviting us to visit an Airfield where he volunteers as there has been a lot of activity there.  We eventually held an investigation there (and several more since) and Michael was so fascinated in what we do he now joins us hoping to satisfy his curiosity.  He is a great historian and is a wealth of information on airfields and past wars.

Natasha Louise Dickens - Psychic Medium & Tarot Card Reader


New team member Natasha has vast experience at investigating and after meeting her at Martello's Tower we invited her to join us.  She's not only a mum but runs her own jewellery making business and works as a stylist at a hair salon.  (There's no end to her talents)

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