St Peters Chapel, Bradwell on sea

Bradwell was our first public investigation.  We encountered a large aggressive man who hit Andy in the face and lifted a large camera bag off his shoulder.  A young girl moved amongst us touching people's hands and she went.  We also had smells of alcohol and tobacco.  Could this be to do with smuggling?

Bird in the Hand, Earls Colne

Only a small group of us went on this investigation but we had a great night.  Not only did we see shadows darting across the walls but when we were all sitting in the bar area we heard a loud bang from the restaurant.  When we checked what caused the noise we noticed that a trigger object of two coins we had left had been moved quite considerably.  Who had moved these?

Baumann's Brasserie

This investigation was well publicised in the local paper as Mark believed his restaurant was haunted.  He wanted confirmation of this and by whom.  We took some new team members with us and managed to give Mark a lot of information which no one else could know and we had some good emf readings.

The Old Black Boy Bistro, Coggeshall

After the story in the paper from Baumann's Brasserie we were asked to investigate this bistro just around the corner as the owners had been troubled by a man appearing in their bedroom.  We made a visit in the day and at night and again came up with a lot of information, especially about a Coggeshall gang.  We also had some coins appear which weren't there before and lots of noises from the kitchen on our voice recorder.  We managed to move this man on and left the owners feeling more at ease.

Horse & Groom, Braintree

In the week leading up to the investigation Andy kept getting the name Eliza but didn't know why.  Once here we came across a young girl called Eliza Piggin who liked to play hide and seek and an old lady who sat in the bedroom.  We all experienced something whether it was dizzyness, being touched, or swaying.  

The Bell Inn, Castle Hedingham

We held the investigation here on Halloween night and involved some of the patrons.  We had sudden temperature drops, Ouija board session and Andy picked up on a former regular customer. 


We took some members of the public of Friday 13th hoping to introduce them to the paranormal. Walking around the towers and the hopping bridge Andy came across a distressed spirit who caused him so much pressure in his head he suffered a nose bleed.  We walked to the church where Andy said he was being followed by what he believed was a monk.  As someone took a photo I saw someone standing behind him which his hands placed on Andy's shoulders (not bad for someone who doesn't usually see).

Borley Church

Andy had visited here with Alan and some friends previously and recommended we go as a team.  On his first visit Andy said he was protected by a girl called Annie who warned him about a monk who was chasing them.  We didn't see her this time.  Marie heard horses and talking to a local visitor she confirmed this was often heard.   Streaks of white light were seen by several of the team shooting out from the top of the steeple and down the side of the church tower.  This couldn't be explained. Sadly some teenagers turned up screaming and shouting which spoiled the rest of the night but we have returned since and had some good results.  

Autoparts Braintree

We popped in here after the staff at the Horse & Groom mentioned they saw a woman walking from their place to the shop on regular basis.  Apparently the shop staff had seen her too and were eager for us to investigate.  It was an extremely cold night but dressed up warm and spent several hours investigating.  Strangely the coldest room was the workshop which was the only one which was insulated.  We conducted pendulum experiments in here with good results and Andy spoke to a former tenant Mary Parish.  To end the evening we all heard what we could only describe as a something hitting metal.  When we entered the empty room there was a large spring in the middle of the floor which definitely wasn't there earlier and there was a metal display stand in the room.  

Quadrant, Chelmsford

We were invited here to do an investigation as part of their 130 year celebrations.  We visited after closing one afternoon and even then heard keys jangling, clicking fingers and footsteps.  We took along a guest medium and his son who was a developing medium and split into two groups.  A man was seen holding his head in his hands and at first was thought to be one of us but as Andy found out, he wasn't from this time.  We were allowed in the cellar which was part of the former prison and had contacts with former prisoners and the governor.  

Western Arms, Silver End

The Western Arms is our local pub and we were invited to investigate by an employee.  Andy contacted a female blacksmith which we had never heard of and several other locals but the most poignant was a young girl who Andy saw walking past the pub.  He was sure she had drowned and she was most concerned about losing her hat.  On doing the research I discovered that her name was Lizzie Sibley and she had a row with her stepfather Elijah Succamore.  She walked down the lane and into the lake, taking her own life.  Her hat was never found. 

Harwich Redoubt

What a night!  We split into groups each going into one of the many rooms around the fort.  In the cook house we heard banging on the adjourning door and a half penny coin dropped out of nowhere landing by Julie's feet.  Andy contacted a drummer boy called Archie and when we checked our voice recorder we could hear drumming.  In the cells myself and Andy were reading the graffiti on the walls when Andy said he wanted proof it was indeed for the year he was reading which was 1940.  All a sudden another coin fell from nowhere and when we checked it it was from the year 1940.  I think we had our proof.  We returned here a year or two later and again contacted Archie.  We also tried out our new table which was very successful with the EMF meter falling off but not the keys.

Braintree & Witham Times, Braintree

Another investigation which was to feature in the local paper was actually investigating their offices.  Not long after arriving we heard footsteps upstairs.  Andy ran up and spoke to a man claiming to be a Mr Hawkins who stayed at the Horn.  We had never heard of this but one of the team said it was a hotel in the high street.  We ended up walking around the church and up a alley which led the Horn Hotel and ended up at a tiny building which was once a look up.  Andy believed a Christopher Tyler or Taylor died in here by hitting his head (We have not found any evidence of this).  We returned to the offices and let the reporter and her friends try to establish contact.  They asked for a sign and after a while they some tapping.  They asked for more and jumped up screaming when they heard a loud cracking sound and felt something fly past them. They thought it may be been a light bulb blowing but the lights were hastily turned on and nothing was found.  I think they got the proof they needed.

The Ship Inn, West Hanningfield

When we first visited here Andy commented how busy it was even though it was totally empty.  on the night of the investigation Andy contacted several spirits most of whom had some connection with the pub.  One was a previous landlady, a butcher, a blacksmith, a witch, a shoe maker and a carpenter.  Andy had a vision of the witches cottage and gave us a brief description and location.  A few days later myself and Andy went for a drive in the direction Andy had envisioned and a few miles away in the next village Andy shouted 'Stop!' We parked up and spoke to the owner but he didn't know much about the history of the cottage.  Andy was sure this was the one though.  

Colchester Castle

This was a charity investigation for Macmillan Cancer.  It was a joint one with Harwich Paranormal Investigations, Cambridge Supernatural Investigations, ourselves and some guests.  Splitting into groups we went to different parts of the castle including the tombs, cells, gallery and the grounds. In the grounds by the obelisk I became very emotional for no reason. I later discovered this was where some executions had been held.  Andy had his first experience with table tipping and got a massive shock up his arm when he touched it.  This crack was heard by several people along with a flash seen shooting up his arm.  Andy also came up with information that the staff said no one had got before.  

Shoulder of Mutton, Fordham

Julie & Helen had been in here for a meal and thought it was worthy of a visit.  It was definitely a good find.  Not long after arriving I was poked in the back and tickled on the neck, we all saw shadows and certain areas of the pub had a strange feel about them.  Andy mentioned several people including a priest and a connection with a murder, which were all correct.  

St Peter's Church, Alresford

Julie had visited here before and wanted us to see what we thought.  She wouldn't ell us anything about it but Andy felt uneasy all week and struggled to enter once we were there.  He felt there was some force surrounding the church like a protection circle.  Once inside we noticed a strong smell of mint but then realised it was growing in abundance.  There was lots of whispering and footsteps heard and Andy and Rob had an EVP of someone saying 'hello'.  We have revisited several times and each time the atmosphere has been different.  One time Andy contacted a soldier called Lawrence Fielding who said he wasn't from the area just visiting.  Shortly after this I saw someone walk past me and thought it was my son but as I turned round Shaun was standing behind me.  Was this Lawrence going on his way? Later we formed a circle to try and get spirit to speak to us or touch us.  Alan was touched from behind but the highlight of the night was when Andy's phone starting vibrating then ringing in his pocket.  He threw it on the floor and then checked it.  It just said caller unknown XXX  Andy never has his phone on vibrate and when we checked the settings it still wasn't.  So who was phoning at that time in the morning?

Hylands House, Chelmsford

We were joined by Xstream Paranormal from Cambridgeshire and some guests.  We had table tipping, EVP recordings, CCTV, photographs, automatic writing and mediumship.  Andy had contact with Mt Gooch and a Christine Hanbury who was looking for her son 'Jock' and on checking our photographs one of the guests appears to have a sword hilt on her arm but she wasn't carrying anything

Private Shop, Braintree

Chris had mentioned this shop as they had been having problems with things being thrown off the shelf and whisperings.  We split into 2 groups and both groups had some good results.  We had the EMF meter red lighting in the store room until we told it to stop, crashing sounds in the same room when no one was there and tapping noises that couldn't be explained.  We also heard what sounded like a button drop but couldn't locate it.  Andy contacted 3 spirits who were from around the same era one being a teacher and a couple of more recent spirits.  Andy thought one was connected to someone with us but it turned out to be a team member who couldn't be with us that night and his relative had only died a couple of weeks before.  

Coggeshall Grange Barns

The barns have quite a reputation for being haunted and several teams have held investigations here so we thought we would check them out for ourselves.  We split into 2 teams and at each end of the barns held a table tipping session and a Ouija board session.  The table was quite active spinning round quite vigorously and balancing on one leg  but the board was quite confusing and not making much sense.  We did get a couple of good EVP's and Andy was confronted by a farmer called Augustus who didn't get into conversation, just showed himself.

Castle Rising, Norfolk

We were invited by Xstream Paranormal to join them in investigating this splendid castle.  It was possibly the worst night for weather as it rained all night so we stayed under cover as much as possible.  We were lucky in being able to investigate the dungeons where we experienced tapping, touching, smells, light anomalies and several EMF meters working to order then all together.  Later on we had a stone thrown at us in the pantry.  We returned here a couple of years later and the weather was a lot better.  Andy managed to captured a fantastic picture of what we believe is the Queen Isabella and a dog.  

Ridgewell Airfield

We had been invited to investigate the airfield museum as there had been some recent activity.  We started off by walking to the woods and then derelict cinema and chapel where sounds of cheering, laughter and running were heard.  Andy met a soldier who had been caught up in an explosion (this was all confirmed) 

Martello Tower, St Oysth Essex

An interesting place to investigate but unfortunately there was too much noise interference to report much.  We did have some success though with an EVP recording on the roof area.  We asked for a name and we quite clearly hear 'Susie'.  She also turned to torch off to order, pulled someone's hair and played with the spokes on a wheel. 

Bourne Mill Colchester

Report to follow soon

Rougham Airfield, Suffolk

Report to follow soon        



Fenland & West Norfolk Aviation Museum, Norfolk

Report to follow soon


We were doing a house Clearance in Benfleet and only Andy and the female occupant were in the room.  Andy asked the spirits name and was surprised to hear this when he played back the voice recorder 



Cressing Temple Barns

We have held several investigations here now and each one has been a different experience.  We have had banging, shadows, footsteps, someone (believed to be the Cavalier) shouting 'get out' in the house, and a fantastic light show in front of the barn. This wasn't small glittery lights,these were large dense shapes in a variety of colours.  

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